Herbalife is healthy nutrition using quality products which provide support for your body to maintain optimum health. If you have weight issues, however big or small - underweight or overweight - this is for you. Before you begin, set yourself goals and make friends with the tape measure. Don't worry too much about the scales; the important thing is that you feel well.

What's so good about Herbalife?

Weight loss is all about finding a balance! To lose weight you have to use more energy than you take in from what you eat. You quite simply have to improve or increase - or both - the rate at which you burn fat. Herbalife's meal replacements provide fewer calories than you use during a day, but at the same time contain all that you need both to feel well and satisfied.

When can I use the different products?

Replace breakfast and dinner and eat a healthy lunch. Eat two snacks per day - this can be Herbalife's protein bar or a piece of fruit.

Why should I use Herbalife?

To lose weight: to have more energy and therefore feel better! With Herbalife, you'll quickly lose weight at the same time as you get all the nutrition you need with minimal calories!
It's quick and easy; you can choose between meal replacements (Formula 1) in tins, in portion servings or in bar form.
It tastes good! There are several different flavours to choose from; for example why not vanilla, strawberry or cookies and cream? Vary the flavours so that you don't get bored and so you reach your ideal weight sooner.

Weight coach!

I will be there to support you each week, give advice as required, recipe ideas for shakes or healthy dinners, that keep you motivated. It can be really difficult to keep the motivation to lose weight, especially during the first few days. And even if your motivation is really strong, sometimes you can feel that you need help, or a nudge in the right direction. Then you can contact our weight coach, who will support you, give you tips and advice and follow-up so that you are sure you will reach your goal. So if you want to try HERBALIFE quick start healthy nutrition program today give me a call. Body analysis is free, weekly weigh-in and follow-up body monitoring is free. No long queues or weekly fees. Consultations are confidential.

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