Phytobiophysics (Flower Formulas)

What is Phytobiophysics?

It is a holistic treatment system incorporating the vibrational power of plants, and flower structural therapies and an understanding of nutrition.

Using the vibration of plants for healing is not a new scientific approach - in fact it is timelessly old. For centuries it has been well understood that plants have an extremely important role in our lives. Not only do we live and survive by eating plants but also we use them to restore our bodies to health.

Phytobiophysics Flower RemediesIt should come as no surprise that the energetic aspect of plants plays a vital role in ensuring healing on a profound and subtle level. This philosophy is an understanding of the inter- relationship between our souls and our being and the physical manifestations which often appear as symptoms of illness. People, when hurt on a very deep level, fall degenerately ill.

Thousands of plant essences have been gathered worldwide and have been combined according to the Mossop Philosophy, producing the Phytobiophysics Flower and Tree formulas.

Look to the vibrational essence of plants for peace of mind, happiness and harmony.

20 Flower Formulas made from combinations of plant essences, vibrating on the frequencies of colour, Chakras and acupuncture meridians. Researched to rebalance deep emotional issues thus encouraging the bodies innate ability to recover.

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