Reiki Healing, as an alternative and complementary therapy, provides the soothing comfort of that human touch.

Translated from the Japanese, the word ‘reiki’ means ‘spiritually guided universal life energy’. This boundless energy is said to flow throughout and around all living things. It is this energy that is said to be channelled from the giver to the receiver during a Reiki session.

The idea of universal life energy is by no means new. Many ancient methods of healing are based on the idea that good health is dependent upon the proper flow of life energy throughout the organs and tissues.

The Chinese refer to it as ‘chi’, while the Hindus call it ‘prana’. When the flow is blocked, illness occurs. An example of this is a person who feels listless and slightly depressed due to a lingering chest cold. Once the flow of life energy is restored, the body’s innate healing mechanisms are kick-started and health and vitality return

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